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About the Garden route in South Africa

In order to make your life as interesting and amazing as possible, you should always consider traveling to new places and doing new things, in general. The world is huge; even the people that have visited each and single country there is, have still lots to see and experience.

Although they have not that much free time, people travel all the time, and one of the places that is very high on their list is South Africa. The sea there is beautiful, sunsets are like nowhere else and their famous Garden route is something everyone should experience in a lifetime. Take someone you love with you and go there, without doing too much planning.

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Spontaneous is always better

In most cases, when thinking about taking a trip or traveling somewhere for your vacation, people tend to plan every single detail about the whole thing in advance. That is nice, of course, because you just make sure that your free time is well spent, but wouldn't it be more interesting if you would just go and then decide about the details on the go. Couples do this only when they really want to relax and don't care about if they will see some really important parts of the city.

There is something special about the spontaneous way of traveling that you will adore. What better place is there to do this than some far away country that isn't on anyone's top five list of traveling choices? South Africa is a country just like that, its tourism is developed, but there are not too many people on the streets taking photographs. Unlike the usual picture, this part of the African continent is quite green and full of nature, forests and stunning beaches.

Why is the Garden route a great destination

The famous Garden route is a part of the South African coastline that spreads from Mossel Bay that sits in the Western Cape to the beautiful Storms River that is located in the Eastern Cape. You will find it amazing that the whole route is about 300 kilometers long and includes areas that are actually National Parks and some incredible rivers. The beaches there are some of the most amazing and stunning ones in the whole world and just next to them you will find green and deep forests. There is actually no better place to take your wife with you and have some adult fun together.

One of the places there that you just need to visit is the Tsitsikamma National Park. It has floral diversity like only a few other places in the whole world and it is right next to the beach. The people that you meet there or bring with you will also want to visit the Fairy Knowe station and take a ride with the old train. The vineyards there are also interesting and you will enjoy the hospitality of the owners, since they enjoy having visitors and like to share their delicious wines with them. All in all, the Garden route in South Africa is a place worthy of a visit and will give you moments that you will never forget.

Tourism in Knysna

There is nothing more beautiful and relaxing than spending a day just laying around in the sun, hearing the water hit the coast and feeling the salty, fresh air on your skin. Unfortunately, there are not many places in the world where one can enjoy that, but here we have one for you. South Africa is a perfect place for summer vacations, they have all the beauty that Africa can offer, like wild animals and lots of sun, but also beautiful beaches and the Indian ocean. But at the same time you can get the comfort and opportunities to shop and explore cities you only knew existed in Europe and the USA. South Africa is becoming the new place to visit and you should be there to experience that and take a look at it before many others.

Johannesburg is, of course, a beautiful city and Cape Town and even more beautiful, but what really is amazing is Knysna, a little city in the Western Cape, placed on the Indian Ocean, with lots of things that wait to be explored and seen. Brenton-on-Sea is one of those things, or places, where you should spend a big part of your vacation, if not the whole. You can find there B&B but also cottages and houses to stay at. The beach around the area is just magnificent, clear and stunning, there really are no words to describe it better.

Buffelsbaai is a small city places just next to the ocean with houses feeling the first wind and the first water, but also with beaches ready for the sun. You will forget about many things when you get there for sure. Make sure to take your sun cream and lotion, because you won't want to get off the beach for hours and the sun is pretty strong there.

A journey to remember

Getting a good enough B&B or apartment can be quite a problem, because people show things on ads they actually don't have and use photoshop to make things look better and more appealing, but there, at Knysna you will find a few accommodation offers, you will see are genuine and quite good. Out tip is to look around for the ones that are nearest the sea, they are usually the best ones and there is always our B&B offer at Paradise Found, where you will get the best out of the best.

There are two places everyone should visit who goes to South Africa and Knysna, and they are the Knysna Elephant Park and the Knysna-Amatole montane forests. Both are places of genuine nature with amazing sights and mesmerizing atmosphere, so make sure, wherever you are seated or your B&B is located, to visit these places, because many tourists regret it later if they don't go there.

It is easy to find something to see at Knysna but one of the most worthy seeing thigs is the Garden Route National Park - Tsitsikamma, Wilderness and Knysna. This is a place of nature that will give you something no beach or relaxing day can, you will see what.

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