Best foods in Knysna

Sure the restaurant at your hotel can offer you great food, but the real authentic and delicious dishes you can only find in restaurants that are on their own with no hotel attached. In case you ever find yourself in Knysna or want to go there, then keep reading because here are a few restaurant and dishes you should try, because you won't find better ones.

East Head Cafe is a restaurant and cafe with a brilliant chef cook, that know what is doing, so the food can only be amazing as well and delicious also. French toast and fabulous omelets or, if you feel so, a burger and fish and chips for the breakfast will be really good here, if not the best ones there are. They have a children play area, blankets if it gets cold and a friendly and helpful service, all that combined with good food is a place you want to get your food at.

One more place to dine amazing and delicious food at is the Pembreys restaurant, really close to our B&B and many tourist go there for a dinner or a late lunch. Their seafood is quite good and make sure to ask for any authentic South African dishes, because you won't be disappointed. And the food is not pricy also, which makes it good even for the end of the trip when many tourists don't have much money left.

For fine dining make sure to visit The Olive Tree and try one of their steaks or meat dishes, because they really know how to prepare meat. The deserts there are also quite good and the whole atmosphere is something between romantic and formal, so make sure to dress properly and get your wallet ready, because they are not cheap, but the food is still worth every penny paid for it!

AA Quality Assured
"Highly Recommended